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An Animal Shelter Created with Love
Jacha-Inti Wild Animal Shelter hosts vulnerable animals. We are located in the region of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Animals from our area live together in harmony. You will find five species of primates, wild cats, turtles, coatis, rhea, deers, lamas, domestic animals and many kind of birds; such as owls, parrots, falcons and many more. Also, we provide a space exclusive for children, horse riding, camping, private rooms for visitors and volunteers.
Our beloved shelter has been created more than 15 years ago by a Swiss Family who chose Samaipata as their home. Their dream was to provide shelter to those animals rescued from black market / illegal traffic, confiscated or hurt by other animals or humans. Many of them arrived badly wounded. Thanks to the huge efforts of our team, more than 200 animals have a second chance.

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land”

Jacha-Inti Wild Animal Shelter

A place where animals and humans can live in harmony

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