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Our Volunteer Program

Our Shelter is sustainable because of our brave volunteers.

Yes. It’s a very hard work. But it’s deeply gratifying. It’s the perfect place to fall in love with nature and make friends from all over the world. We received volunteers from more than 20 countries so far! Many of them are still friends. Each one of them feel part of our family.

You will find next all the required information to be part of our program. It’s very important to book your place in advance, since we currently only have space for five volunteers. 

Internal Volunteering (30 Days)

Are you ready to enjoy an unforgettable experience? This is your chance. In our most required program, you will be able to teamwork with people from all around the world. We provide you with shared rooms with a limited space, hot shower and shared kitchen.

Due to work complexity and training timings, we require a minimum of 30 days stay.

Program Cost

Our facilities can support a very limited number of volunteers. Unfortunately we have been canceled without notice several times. Because of that reason we started to charge a small amount of 200 bs (30 dollars) to confirm your place.

Payment can be sent through Western Union or bank transfer. We will send you the details by email.

Many volunteers help us with their donations, but this is not mandatory.

Timings and Activities

  • 7:30 | We have breakfast together.
  • 8:00 | We feed animals and change their water. Also clean their cages.
  • 10:00 | Tasks will be assigned as requirements. For example, we clean the garden and public bathrooms, facilities maintenance such as repairs, construction or painting. Also, we take care of visitors and some of us start cooking for the team.
  • 12:00 / 12:30 | We have vegetarian lunch together. Then, take a nap or rest until 14:00.
  • 14:00 a 16:30 | We distribute afternoon activities (cleaning volunteers house, welcoming visitors, etcetera)
  • 16:30 a 18:00 | We feed afternoon animals and nocturnal carnivores.
  • 18:00 | End of activities. You can rest, visit the town or read a book.

We have one day off per week.

Sustainable Volunteering (optional)

Recently, we opened a beautiful private room with bathroom and hot shower. Also, you will have TV and DVD and an incredible balcony with panoramic views of our garden and mountains. This room has a cost of 200 dollars per month, which you will be able to enjoy while volunteering. We will use this income to support our costs, so you will be able to support our shelter while you sleep in maximum comfort. That’s why we called this option a Sustainable Volunteering. Two more rooms are currently under construction.

Fill our Volunteering Form here.

Specialized Volunteering

A unique space to share your knowledge

Some volunteers are specialized in many tasks, and enjoy sharing their knowledge to help others. That’s why we recently decided to offer this possibility.

If you are expert in some of these fields, we can adjust your stay depending the task you would like to share with us:

  • Veterinary Physician (or students)
  • Masonry (or experts in construction)
  • Artist (to improve our shelter beauty)
  • Carpenter (to improve our signs and cages)
  • Plumber and Electricians (to improve our facilities)

Fill our Volunteering Form here.

External Volunteering

If you already have a hotel reservation in Samaipata or you are coming only for a few days and you are really interested in enjoying this experience with us, we also give you the chance to share our day while helping our volunteers.

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Requirements for becoming a Volunteer

  • Minimum Stay: 30 days.
  • Deep love for animals and nature. That means, being able to have patience and understand we are working with wild animals
  • Proactive and cooperative attitude, and Teamwork Skills.
  • We require +18 volunteers.
  • Updated Passport. Please check your visa requirements for Bolivia.
  • Good Health in general. Many activities require hard work.
  • Updated Vaccination Card: Yellow Fever, Rabies, Tetanus, Typhoid Fever, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.
  • Make your reservation in advance.

Fill our Volunteering Form here.

Important Advice:

Always remember before traveling ask your doctor and make a full body checkup. Specially regarding allergies. You should know if you will be able to work with wild animals and open space activities. Also remember to have your Vaccination Card updated.

We Suggest:

  • Some volunteers had problems with ATMs in our town. We recommend to bring some cash pocket money.
  • Your clothes might get dirty or broken. So keep in mind bringing used gear.
  • Long socks will be useful to wear rain boots, also weatherproof clothes and gloves.
  • Always remember to bring repellent.

Fill our Volunteering Form here.

Download Requirements in PDF (English, Spanish and French)



“C’était une moment incroyable ! Merci à vous, Ohhhh merci mes petits amis poilus, pour tous ce que vous m’avez offert. Et merci à toutes ces personnes magnifiques que j’ai pu rencontré qui m’ont fait vivre une expérience humaine inoubliable”


Madre Tierra Sin Frontera

“No tengo palabras para describir la historia que viví aquí. La vida en comunidad entre los voluntarios, la proximidad que podemos tener con los animales y la manera de compartir este mundo que es de todos. Antes de venir aquí yo sabía que amaba los animales, pero no sabía que me podría enamorar tanto de algunos. Cada uno tiene su personalidad, por lo que cada voluntario puede encontrar el animal que le corresponde.”



“Apprendre, soigner et découvrir la vie des animaux au refuge fut une expérience trés enrichissante. En un mois, j’ai eu la chance de cotoyer de nombreuses espèces que je ne connaissais pas auparavant. J’espère avoir l’occasion de revenir  pour revoir tous mes nouveaux amis aussi bien animaux qu’êtres humains ” merci pour cette leçon de vie.



“Amo los monos, especialmente Donna y Vittorina. Son dos preciosuras que cada día nos despertaban con mucha alegría. Hemos disfrutado un mes inolvidable, donde nos hicimos de nuevos amigos y hermosos recuerdos”.